Contribution guide

Walter’s code is currently hosted on GitHub at excitedleigh/walter.

Setting Up

  • First, install Poetry. Then, run poetry install.

  • Tests are written using pytest; run poetry run pytest to run them.

    • To run tests on all of the Python versions Walter supports, run poetry run nox. Note that you’ll need to have all of the versions in question installed and available for Nox to find.
  • Documentation is built with Sphinx. You can just run cd docs; poetry run make html and browse the generated HTML files, but if you install devd and modd, then run the command modd, you’ll get a nice live-reloading view served on localhost port 8000 (or run e.g. env PORT=1337 modd to serve on a different port).

Publishing a release

The process for releasing looks something like this:

poetry version minor
nox -s release_test
poetry publish
git add .
git commit -m "Release 1.1"
git tag v1.1
git push origin master v1.1

Then draft a new release to trigger the documentation build.